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We partner with to facilitate online giving every day through their website. After you click the Give Online button below, you'll be transferred to International Midwife Assistance's page on the COGives website.


Support IMA when you donate your car, truck, trailer, boat, RV, or motorcycle!


After carefully reviewing the nation's leading vehicle donation service providers, we have selected CARS (Charitable Adult Rides Inc.) to operate the IMA Vehicle Donation Program.


Here's how it works:

Just call (855) 500-7433 or fill out the secure Donation Form. A representative picks up the car very promptly, any car, it doesn’t have to run. It's sold at auction and IMA gets most of the profits. It is very easy, all you need is the title. Do you have such a car? Do you know someone who might? Would you ask everyone you know?!?

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